Hello everyone, We HACHIJO-JIMA “WA 環” offers you essences and delights of this island. Hachijo-Jima, the island we encountered during our trip around the islands aiming for island living. You can feel refreshing Hachijo-Jima LEMON YELLOW and deep Hachijo-Jima OCEAN BLUE here. In the night, you can feel the shower of the numerous shooting stars. Impressing TAMA-ISHIGAKI, wall of beautifully rounded stones piled by exiles, evokes lapse of long time and history of this island. Deep GREEN, with vital force of Southern plants. Lava stones, with past vibrant of the earth. Fully attracted with above features, our life in Hachijo-Jima started in 2021. Getting together with nurturing Hachijo-Jima nature, we hope to link and circle you and this nature like WA 環. We and this island welcome you. Please visit our island and fulfill your mind.

From the shop owner